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Gautam Pingle's Articles on Telangana

From Nov 2013 to May 2014

Small is Good                                                                                                      Page:  (Aprl 2010 to Nov 2013)

Visakhapatnam holds promise as capital of residuary State             Page:  (From June 2,2014)

Hyderabad's Revenues

No Need for More Number of Legislators in New Telangana State

Article 3 How Andhra Politicians Helped In Its Transformation

Amendment to Article 371 D Not A Hindrance for Bifurcation

Raising MLA seats to 153 Will spell doom to Telangana State

State Reorganisation Bill Has Set a Booby Trap for Telangana

How Valid Is the Chief Minister's Resolution Adopted by Voice Vote ?

Polavaram -- A Disaster in the Making and a Coastal Andhra Sin

Venkaiah Naidu's Wrong Figures Misled Parliament

The Fall and Rise of Telangana - The Book

Deficit in Deficit

Leaders Telangana Gave Walkover to Seemandhra Lobbyists

AP Reorganisation Act Just Ensures Andhra Domination

Roma captured in raids on India

Ordinance on Khammam Villages Deserves to be Scrapped

Two Surprises for Fiscal 2014

Sticking to its Two-eyed Theory Telugu Desam Looks at Two States Differently

Tsundur Dalit Case Verdict -- HC Judge is Not at Fault

Immediate Task Before Telangana Govt. is to Determine Fiscal Space

The Birth of Telangana -A Seven Hundred Year Event

From June2,2014