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  • PTF is delighted to inform you that Palampur- Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Project foundation laid by our Great Chief minister and the Leader of "Humanity"(KCR), it was a dream project for Progressive Telangana Foundation Founder Chairman, our beloved M.P Chevella, Sri Konda Vishweshwar Reddy

  • Detroit Telangana Community (DTC), honouring with a memento to Sri Vandhemathram Srinivas through Sri Routhu Kanakaiah at Detroit on Telangana Formation Day.

  • When Kalvakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) floated the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) in 2001, the political circuit scoffed at him. Detractors made light of his 'Mission Telangana' and were almost certain that his dream project would fall flat. 

    On June 2, 2014, KCR has don the mantle of the first Chief Minister of Telangana, the 29th state of India.

    So finally, it was the KCR's oratory skills and emotionally-charged election rallies that won him the landslide victory in Assembly and Lok Sabha on May 16, 2014. He has not only convincingly won from the Gajwel Assembly constituency in Medak district, by a margin of 19,391 votes over his TDP rival Pratap Reddy, but has won handsomely  the Medak Lok Sabha seat by a great margin of 3,97,029 votes. Clearly and Finally, KCR has managed to silence all who doubted him and his objective - of separate Statehood for Telangana. 

    KCR started his political career in the 1983 Assembly elections. He stunned observers by securing  27,899 votes against Congress  heavyweight Madan Mohan. He fought as an independent from Siddipet. In 1985, KCR return as a TDP nominee and, this time, sent Congress' T Mahender Reddy packing and  in 1989 when KCR trounced his own guru Madan Mohan who had to be content with 39,329 votes, as opposed to his disciple's magnificent 53,145. KCR had arrived in style. Over the next three by-polls - in 1994, 1999 and 2001 -the winning streak continued. 

    The TRS party took birth when KCR quit the deputy speaker's post in April 2001 for being denied a cabinet berth by TDP chief N Chandrababu Naidu, post the 1999 elections. His mantra: upholding the Telangana pride. 
    In the 2004 elections, he contested from the Karimnagar Lok Sabha seat and also Siddipet Assembly constituency and won both on TRS Ticket . He silenced all, again. 

    However, winning is not all for KCR. The first responsibility would be to take care of the Administration, Power and Irrigation issues concerning Telangana  along with that of  the families of those who laid down their lives for the cause of Telangana. We will also look into the police cases filed against those who participated in the movement, He knows, he has a role cut out for him as Chief Minister and KCR has enough confidence that he can take Telangana forward. 

  • It gives us immense pleasure to share our happiness with everyone at large and most particularly Progressive Telangana Foundation family -- as its a great feeling of pride to be present in this generation to witness the formation of our Telangana State after 60 years of struggle by our elders. PTF’S salutations to all the martyrs who have laid down their lives for this noble cause. Unfortunately, they are not here anymore to see this Great Event being unfolded. Thanks to them, history is being re-written and justice is being delivered.

    Though they say "Justice Delayed is Justice denied", we at PTF would like to set it aside for some time and look forward to a positive future for our new state. We are sure our forefathers have felt the same way when they witnessed the independence of our country in the year 1947 from the British. Right from the beginning, we have come together to start Progressive Telangana Foundation (PTF) as an apolitical, not for profit organization.


  • KV Ranga Reddy Memorial Mushaira , sponsored by JKMR and PTF, was held on 26 Oct. 2011 at 6.00PM in Lalitha Kala Thornam, Public Gardens, Hyderabad. The Musharia was well attended by around 8000 appreciative audience.                                                                                  

  • Having received requests from youth of several villages for providing Telangana Signboards for their villages  ( Eg. Annasagar, Dharma sagar , etc. Ranga Reddy Dist., Telangana.) PTF has coordinated and helped the local Villagers install the sign boards in their respective villages ( 15 villages in number) till date in Ranga Reddy District. We are co-ordinating a program to put Telangana Sign/name boards for all the villages who send in requests.  It will send a strong message to the Center and State leaders on what the people want AND it will increase the resolve of the Telangana people and sustain the movement at a grass root level.

  • Your village youth may need your support and encouragement.  PTF is sponsoring 300 villages with our limited budgets.  If you are interested in sponsoring your village, the cost of each board is approx. Rs. 1150 ($26).   Details are,the Board is made of steel and much better than the Village Name Boards our Govt. Puts in Telangana.  The board of made of steel (19Kgs approx. Costing Rs 855)+ Paint, painting , concrete for foundation costs Rs 300 +.    Excluding transport which is sometimes borne by the village youth. You have one more option --- If you want to fund that particular village youth, add another Rs 1000/-. Payments with names of villages may be sent to  PTF address

  • HORDING at Liberty Road -- PTF unveiled an Hording on the Liberty X Road, in the heart of Hyderabad City , on 2 Dec 2010, Reminding all, that Hyderabad, "The Heart of Telangana", not only belongs to Telangana , but ALL INDIANS ,who have made this city their HOME, from last 450 years..

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  • HORDING on Hyd. Airport Road -- PTF unveiled an Hording on the Hyderabad Airport Road on 2 Oct 2010, Welcoming everyone to Telangana see the Cultural Diversity and Industry & Environment friendly Telangana for safe & profitable investments.

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  • BRAKING NEWS: TRS/BJP WINS ALL 12 SEATS with huge margins, in spite of every possible known and unknown efforts by other main political parties.

  • How Maharadhtra reaps Babli benefits.........

    The dispute arises from the fact that S.B. Chavan and Jalagam Vengal Rao reached an agreement in October 1975 which was later made part of the Godavari Water Disputes Tribunal (GWDT) Award. As per the terms of the pact Maharashtra could utilise 60 tmcft (thousand million cubic feet) of Godavari water while Andhra Pradesh could go ahead with building the Sriram Sagar Project (SRSP) and utilise all the balance water. Andhra pradesh's contention is that Maharashtra has used up its quota in course of time by building four projects. Yet, in an action without precedent, Maharashtra began construction of the Babli project on the foreshores of SRSP and 13 other small projects upstream. Eighteen lakh acres under the SRSP ayacut in the Telangana region will become barren if Maharashtra is allowed to have its way.

    HYDERABAD: Babli project across the Godavari in Maharashtra is going to be unique. It will have two reservoirs, one upstream the structure like any other project, and another comprising the backwaters of Sriramsagar project (SRSP) on the other side of the dam, engineers from the State say.

     In reverse direction....................

    When the Babli reservoir lacks sufficient storage, especially during the lean season, water from SRSP lapping at the barrage will try to escape towards the other side. The Godavari will thus flow in a reverse direction if proper safeguards are not provided at Babli.

    If the analysis by experts in the inter-State river wing of the State Government is any indication, Maharashtra will still have "double benefit" even without the reverse flow by the Godavari. It can lift water from either of the two reservoirs or both at a time by installing appropriate pumpsets.

    When SRSP is full (91 tmcft at full level) during floods, Maharashtra will have access to at least 65 tmcft. In such a case, the utilisation of water from Babli, whose storage is only 2.7 tmcft, will go up manifold. The ayacut served by Babli will be lakhs of acres and not merely 20,000 acres as projected.

    Not much inflows

    Both Babli and SRSP are located in a region where Godavari does not get much inflows. Tributaries like Pranahita, Indravathi and Sabari which bring in heavy inflows, join the river only below the SRSP.

    Whatever small inflows that come from the upper regions of the Godavari will be absorbed by Jayakwadi project (200 km above Babli) and 10 other barrages under construction by Maharashtra between Jayakwadi and Babli.

    Maharashtra, under the circumstances, may be tempted to look to SRSP, these experts feel.

    The storage capacity of SRSP has already dwindled from 112 tmcft to 91tmcft due to siltation as the river dumps massive quantities of black cotton soil into the reservoir.

    *A dialogue between two states based on facts and trust. This may sound commonplace but that should be the basic foundation.
    * Andhra Pradesh should clearly articulate what specific measures are required to stop “illegal” pumping by Babli barrage and who should be ensuring that violations do not take place.
    * Maharashtra will gain much by being transparent about its intentions on constructing the barrage. If the purpose is only for drinking water, Andhra Pradesh in general and Telangana region in particular will not object.
    * A civil society initiative from both the states to mediate a solution could be another effective option.
    * Setting up of a permanent mechanism to solve such future conflicts over Godavari basin.

  • more details and RSVP on Progressive Telangana Forum:

  • BRAKING NEWS............... " In Andhra 2.4 Tms of water released from kineerasani to davaleshwaram for 3rd crop, where as in khammam the drinking water  is supplying weekly once " This is United Andhra Pradesh " at the cost of TELANGANA.  

  • Sri Krishna Committee visits Hyderabad

  • Rajesh Sharma IAS is the Nodal officer for Sri Krishna Committee In Hyderabad.

  • TRS announcement the withdrawal of Boycott of Sri Krishna committee.

  • Botsa For Telangana gets support from colleague's.

  • KCR welcomes Botsa  announcement.

  • Want to contact the Justice Srikrishna Committee examining the request for Telangana? The Committee is now seeking the opinions of political parties, organizations, individuals & groups on the vexed issue, and its contact details, including email, telephone numbers and address have been given out as below. You can do the following to reach them:

    1. Write to

    2. Send snail mail to the following address:

    Member Secretary
    Room No. 248
    Vignan Bhavan Annexe
    Maulana Azad Road
    New Delhi

    3. Call at the following numbers:


    Your communication must reach the committee within 30 days (so make sure it reaches them before March 20). is an alternate email one can try.