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Gautam Pingle's Articles on Telangana From June 2, 2014  --

Telangana Formation Day.

New Governance for a New State

Centre’s Circular to T Govt. on Powers to Governor Leads to Confusion

Tax Reform Should Focus on Transaction Tax

Replace Fee Reimbursement with Jayashankar Scholarships

Measures For Providing Effective Health Care for Telangana

Reform Telangana School Education by Adopting KV Model

Singareni Collieries Telangana Ladder to Uninterrupted Development

A Step by Step Guide to Reform Public Distribution Scheme in Telangana

Special powers of Governor

Empowering Telangana Farmers with Free Solar Pumps

Let the Tragic Past Rest in Peace Concentrate on Present and Future

TS Should Implement Noise Control Measures

Factor Bachawat Allocation into Fresh Guidelines

The IAS and Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation

The Power of 10

Jobs for Locals A New Presidential Order or Disorder

Agenda for Rejuvenating Irrigation in TS

2 Projects - 2 Challenges Sir Arthur Cotton

Now AP and TS Spar Over Allocation of PSU Staff

Setting the EAMCET Right

TS Govt. should avail Central and State Funds to set up Medical Colleges

Moving up Moving Along All the Way

Hyderabad Outer Region Authority Will Help Develop the City Better

Time Now for Telangana to Receive and Enjoy its Full Revenue

AP and Telangana Agree on Something At Last !

AP Government's Stand on Schedule X Institutions Against Reorganisation Act

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