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PTF’s aim is to explore how Engineering colleges in India can collaboratively approach to improve the quality of learning, Promote  In-house R&D activities  and  for  generating industry ready pool  of Engineers.

PTF provides information about collaborative activity that aims at channelizing efforts put by  engineering colleges for humanizing fineness.

a.  Discusses the factors that underlie the need for improvements in present engineering education.

b.  Provides examples of ways in which colleges can collaborate to improve the quality of education, between and among colleges, and with external agencies.

c.  Identifies and comments on issues arising from the collaborative initiatives; and

d.  Identifies ways forward in using collaboration to improve quality of education.

This study is based on:

a.  Desk research into Industry expectations from budding Engineers.

b.  Visits to few engineering colleges and interviews with staff at various levels.

c.  Conclusions  of  Interviews  with  staff  in  other  agencies  and  Top  level management executives from industry.

There is an urgent need to upgrade the quality of engineering education  in  India,  to  produce engineers  of  professional  excellence,  and  to prepare our engineering students for better career opportunities. In brief our plan is Making Graduates more Employable and self-assured”  by imparting  required  level  of  technical  expertise  as  well  as innovativeness while in their graduation.

The drive to improve technology orientation through collaborative approaches generally arose from the need to improve low retention and achievement rates which will in part attribute to the colleges' success in widening access to learners with diverse learning needs.

1.  Projects will generate staff motivation, ownership and enthusiasm.

2.  Colleges might develop ways of embedding focused projects and initiatives into existing systems.

3.  For the students, nothing could be more valuable than advice from experienced industry personnel themselves, which they can get through this initiative.

4.  and many more……