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The Road Map for the Development of Telangana..... 



  Improving agricultural produce storage and supply chain... extensive cold storage network... free flow of produce without bottlenecks..... proper packaging.....concentration on value added produce....ensuring proper utilisation of the irrigation system and supply of expensive water by depending on dry crops and drip irrigation etc..

  Reducing the bottlenecks in transportation of all goods and services( food grains, minerals, construction materials, textiles, groceries etc.), by freeing the system from bureaucratic shackles, and reducing the harassment from RTO's, police and other Govt. departments.
Thrust on improvisation of road and rail network..

  Ensuring better urban infrastructure and promoting efficient service sector, thus improving the job opportunities for rural educated youth( in hotels and restaurants, shops, entertainment, health-care, education, tourism arena's etc.)....

  Reducing the pendency of issues and cases in govt. departments and courts to allow people to work freely in a hassle free atmosphere.

  Efficient use of agricultural land .

  Demarcating divisions and areas for tourism and recreation.... amusement parks, golf courses, casino's, race tracks....... promoting educational and medical tourism....... Creating out-standing infrastructure for retirement and leisure travel.....improving the infrastructure for nursing, and geriatric care....... facilities for conferencing and trade fairs....etc,

  Ensuring accountability and consistency in govt., policy and the guidelines to stick to the avowed agenda without deviation.

  Long term plans to improve the forest cover and wild life....removing archaic and redundant law's and regulation like having a peacock or a deer as a pet being a punishable offence...on the other hand creating gaming zones and involving the private sector will ensure the protection  the survival of the forest cover and endangered wild life..

  Improved sanitation and usage of waste water(particularly Urban) for recycling and usage for greenery..

  Ensuring efficient local self governance right from the village level for the distribution and availing of subsidised goods and services..

  Making the right for information department efficient and accountable..

  Encouraging healthy competition in media and mass communication areas by providing infrastructure and reducing the control of a few barons for their self promotion..

  Ensuring excellent law and order..

  Removing all illegal religious structures and ensuring free flow of traffic, particularly in Hyderabad..acting early in the other towns and district head quarters as they are likely to witness a rapid growth and can be unmanageable if not acted and planned early

  Reduction and rationalisation  of taxes, levies and duties, reducing procedures for permissions, better interstate cooperation( particularly with Andhra),

  Creating air access to all district headquarters and sustaining them in the nascent stages, better public distribution mechanism etc