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PTF Meets Honorable Justice Srikrishna Committee

PTF meet Honorable Justice Srikrishna Committee on 17 June at 11.30 AM. The meeting lasted for about two hours. The discussions were interactive. The PTF were represented by its Trustees Mr. Konda Vishveshwar Reddy, Mr. Routhu Kanakaiah, Mr. Anirudh Bizzul, and Mr. S. Bala Vinod.All the Committee Members appreciated PTF LOGO , before the start of the discussions. They said they were impressed about the PTF's trustee background, who comes from all fields of Engineering. They appreciated the work undertaken and the presentation of the Report and also the ppt

The Committee Members reacted positively to the slogan "INJUSTICE WITHIN INJUSTICE" and very carefully went through the various reasons that were presented and explained in detail by Mr. K. Vishveshwar Reddy.

PTF's other caption was "Development only through Division" and the reasons presented was well received by the Committee Members.

PTF Trustees addressed the media present there at the meeting venue. Mr. Routhu Kanakaiah took charge of the Print and Television Media and briefed them thoroughly about the discussions PTF had with Honorable Justice Srikrishna and other Committee Members.

Progressive Telangana Foundation ( PTF )  Press meet was well covered by the Print and Television media.

PTF was also invited by the Committee for Consultations on Situation of Andhra Pradesh (CCSAP), Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi was detail consultation on Power and Irrigation at Vigyan Bhavan Annexe, New Delhi. Mr.Anirudh Bizzul and Mr. Routhu Kanakaiah presented a detail report on Irrigation and Power to the CCSAP Consultants Mr.A.D. Mohile, Former Chairman, CWC and Mr.V.B. Gupta, Former Chief Engineer, CEA on 23 June, 2010 in New Delhi.

Some of the Press coverage is enclosed below